Check Out All These ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Videos From E3 2017

By now I’m sure we’ve all seen Mario’s newfound ability to possess nearly anything with his hat—if you missed the reveal trailer, you should change that. But that’s a hat tip to what the game’s demonstration videos from E3 2017 show.

Below you’ll find a series of Super Mario Odyssey videos that explore a few areas of the Mario’s newest world. The videos start with an E3 show floor demonstration before taking a stroll through the Wooded Kingdom. After that, Nintendo visits Sand Kingdom and gives us far more than a glimpse of New Donk City. Finally, the last video highlights the game’s co-op aspects and shows one player controlling Mario while the second player controls his hat.

E3 2017 may be nearing its end, but we may be treated to some more information about Super Mario Odyssey before the day’s end. Keep an eye on this post to watch any future demonstrations from the show floor.

Show Floor Demonstration

Wooded Kingdom Demonstration

Sand Kingdom and New Donk City Demonstration

Co-Op Demonstration

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