Check Out New Star Wars TFU2 Kamino Escape Walkthrough

I feel by the time this game comes out on 10/26 I’m already going to know how to beat every level with all of the vids released for it.  This one comes from Gamecon and features the Kamino Escape level being explained by the Assistant Producer Cameron Suey.  I’m digging the falling through the air gameplay, which is new to the franchise.  The only thing these videos make me want to do is be a Force wielder.

How awesome would it be to have Starkiller’s powers and just wreak havoc on anyone that pisses you off?  I’d be waxing fools day in and day out with a flip of my finger.  Oh to be a Jedi!  One other piece of news in regards to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II is that Lucasarts has promised a demo before the 10/26 release date.  Oooh what a tease!  We’re getting closer and closer to continuing one of the greatest Star Wars games ever made, so don’t miss your chance to pwn some Empire a*s.  You’ve been teased, again…




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