Check Out ‘Offworld Trading Company’, A New Economic RTS

Offworld Trading Company was announced early last year, and is being developed by Sid Meier’s Civilization 4 lead designer Soren Johnson, and his studio Mohawk Games. The game will have players building a business empire from the ground up, tapping the untouched natural resources of Mars and employing corporate espionage to get the upper-hand against rivals.

Offworld Trading Company will feature a single player campaign, online multiplayer and AI skirmishes, with the AI apparently capable of “wiping the floor” with the more unsuspecting players. On top of this the gameplay will be in real time, with the in game market prices fluctuating based primarily on the player actions within the game world.

The trailer above features some early gameplay footage, and Johnson stating that he is eager to see what happens when the game is in the hands of the players. Offworld Trading Company will be released February 12th on Steam Early Access, and can be pre-purchased at a discount here. Check out some of the in-game screenshots below as well.

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