Check Out Ralph Macchio’s Come Back: “Wax On F*ck Off”

You have to check out the extended trailer for “Wax On F*ck Off”, which features the original Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio, and his attempt at a Hollywood come back, bad-boy style.  The trailer is courtesy of Funny or Die, and details the struggles Ralph faces as he attempts to change his baby-face image from the past.  Just in case you’re a complete cement head, this is a spoof.  I never know with certain people sometimes.

He tries, booze, coke, and ho’s to make him a commodity like Robert Downey Jr., and the other Hollywood misfits who seem to get rewarded for bad behavior i.e. Charlie Sheen.  By far the best part is when he pulls out the infamous Crane Kick for only the second time in his career.  It still looks as impressive as when he landed it on Johnny’s punk-ass all those years ago.  Man that guy from Back to the Future is an asshole!  Sorry inside joke, but it goes along with the trailer.

Without further adieu here is Ralph Macchio in “Wax On F*ck Off”.  Please be warned that the video is rated R, so if you have to go ask Mommy for permission do so now.  You’ve been Crane Kicked Steve…

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Via [FunnyOrDie]


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