Sunset Overdrive has just received its first proper DLC pack, introducing four awesome new weapons. In classic Insomniac style, the team has crafted some fantastic and zany new weapons to make an already crazy Sunset Overdrive experience that much more insane. The four weapons available are as follows.

  • Plague Bomb – Infect enemies in a contagious fashion, causing them to take damage over time. Once the damage has been done to full effect, the unlucky victim will then explode.
  • Rager – Confuse enemies which makes them attack one another and of course, explode.
  • Shield Buddy – Protect you and friends with a giant bubble as well as the ability to deploy bombs.
  • Multi-lock Rocket Launcher – Lock on up to eight enemies and cause some real explosive chaos.

All of these weapons should definitely be combined with amps in order to create the most destructive combination possible. The Sunset Overdrive Weapon Pack is available now for free to Season Pass holders, and for $4.99 to everyone else and can be downloaded from the Xbox One Marketplace.

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