Check Out Some Stop Motion Excellence With This Sundowner Action Figure Showcase

The counter656 YouTube channel has teamed up with Aegis Toys to show off the Sundowner doll line. In particular, the video shows off the Monkey and Tiger figures, which look pretty badass if I say so myself. These aren’t animals by the way, rather they look like robotic versions of ninja characters that embody the fighting styles of the Monkey and Tiger. Or something like that, either way the figures look awesome, but the true star of the showcase is the stop motion cinematography, which makes these already dope looking figures appear that much more badass.

You can check them out in action above. It’s too bad that our collectibles can’t come to life like you’ll see in the video, because while static figures are still fun to collect, animated ones would be even better. You can check out the full lineup of Sundowner figures on the official site.


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