Check Out The Official Trailer for Disney’s John Carter Flick

I must say that I’m not well versed on Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ “Barsoom Series” books, which is the inspiration for Disney’s Spring of 2012 film John Carter (formerly John Carter of Mars), but the initial trailer for the movie has me intrigued.  I guess the story of John Carter is over 80 years old, and as mentioned it originated back in the day when films were nothing more than moving pictures.  From what I can tell the A Princess of Mars book is about a Civil War vet (Carter) who somehow finds himself on Mars amidst a war between the inhabitants of the red planet.  How’s that for some Sci-Fi goodness?

Burroughs must’ve been quite the pioneer in those days to come up with the plot of this Earthly adventure on Mars book, which on screen looks like something you’d see come out of today’s Science Fiction authors versus those of the last century.  John Carter honestly looks like something I may be interested in, and EB fanboy @Joe_Fidler is involved in the project, so I always like to support those who whip the Buddha.  Check out the first official trailer for John Carter, which opens March 9, 2012, below.  You’ve been thinking that Mars looks a lot like the American West seen in the Cowboys and Aliens trailers…

Official John Carter Trailer


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