Check out the ‘Samsara’ Announcement Trailer

There are a ton of indie, puzzle games out there, it seems like its the new and cool thing to do. This is by no means a bad thing, cause we have seen some of the coolest games come out of this genre. In walks, Samsara, an addicting puzzle game where players will guide the children to the exit by dropping blocks and using gravity balancing. Zee is the main character and Zee has a shadow that reflects to the other side of the level via the water at the bottom. Different objects act in different ways when either Zee touches it or Zee’s shadow does. You will have to figure out this mechanics across 77 levels in six different realms. What starts out as a simple puzzle game will turn into an intricate set of challenges to save Zee. Check out the announcement trailer above! Samsara will be available on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam (PC and Mac) in early 2018 with mobile versions for iOs and Android coming shortly after.

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