Parkour packed and crazy violent zombie game Dying Light is set for release very shortly, one more day to be precise, so a batch of new screenshots have been released for your viewing pleasure.

In less than 24 hours gamers everywhere will be able to jump about a massive city where verticality rules and slow movement is punished. Staying on the go will be something the game greatly encourages, since Dying Light‘s take on the undead are more 28 Days Later than Dawn of the Dead.

If making it through the night is something you had planned, then you better put your best running boots on because Dying Light will not tolerate slow pokes if the footage we have already seen is anything to go by. The game seems to blend the best of Dead Island with Mirrors Edge in what seems like a recipe for something truly delicious. Expect to see more on this latest zombie title in the coming weeks.

Dying Light will be available from January 27th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC if you live in the US, for other territories the physical release of the game has been pushed back to February 27th, the digital release however will be available on the above platforms from January 28th. You can check out the launch screens down below as well as the launch trailer.


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