Some dude has made a Chipophone, which I guess is some sort of keyboard/organ contraption that plays videogame sounds.  With some talent you can tweak these sounds to re-create the classic beeps and boops from the glory days of 8-bit gaming.  The device and resulting music is very awesome if you’re a long time gaming fan, but the dude who made the device and plays the tunes is the epitome of nerd.

You can just tell if you asked this guy to talk with a girl he’d probably vomit in his mouth and crap out boogers.  I noticed he had a wedding band on, but I think that may be a special effect used in the video.  Why can’t super smart people function normally?  His uncomfortableness makes me feel like a douche, and I just want to reach out to him and slap the nerd off of his face.  Oh well, at least he can play the soundtrack from Super Mario Bros!  Here’s to watching nerds struggle in a public setting, poor bast*rds!  You’ve been jamming on your Chipophone to some Duck Hunt beats…


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