Check Out This Musical Tribute to ‘Star Wars’

With the newest installment of the Star Wars saga hitting theaters this week, two fans have created an amazing musical tribute to the sic-fi phenomenon. Musician Jake Justice partnered up with violinist Rob Landes on the desert planet of Tatooine to film the music video showcasing a medley of Star Wars songs. The almost-four-minute video is done at a frenetic pace that is sure to do nothing less than build up enormous excitement before you check out The Force Awakens.

Star Wars Tribute – Violin and Piano – Rob Landes + Jake JusticeIT’S STAR WARS WEEK! To celebrate, I arranged and performed a medley of classic Star Wars songs for piano and violin with Rob Landes. Filmed on location in Tatooine by Randall Castillo. Enjoy! Posted by Jake Justice on Monday, December 14, 2015

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