Apple has just published a demo page to show off what HTML5 technology can do.  This is the first live demo that Apple has provided of HTML 5 to show us why Flash is a thing of the past.  The only problem is that you need Safari to run the freaking demo page.  I refuse to install another browser to check this new technology out, so if you’re an Apple user please let us know how the demo looks and feels.

By doing this they’re basically forcing Browser companies to adopt the new HTML5 standards as well.  I’ve read that the page may work in Chrome, but at this point it’s just too big of a pain in the ass to test it out.  If you’re equipped with Safari, you can check out the demo page here.

I don’t get why Apple forces you to use Safari.  If this is supposed to be easily adoptable into web standards why doesn’t it work in every browser!  Something smells fishy here.  You’ve been HTML5’d, only if you use Apple software…

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