Upon starting Chester United, I was presented with a wealth of options which would seemingly affect how the game played out in various ways. I was told to select from one of 16 Chester characters as well as 15 styles. Of course, since I was just starting the game I had no idea what different characters and style would do to the game, however once I got stuck in it became immediately clear they really would mix up a whole lot of in-game elements.

The first Chester I set myself up with showed himself as an odd little thing, yet he definitely had some lovable elements to his character. As I journeyed through the gorgeously crafted worlds, understanding the mechanics became a most enjoyable task. At its heart, Chester United is a platformer which takes cues from others like it as expected, but as the game goes on it becomes clear that Chester has a whole new layer of depth to his quest for cupcakes.

Worlds looks really good, changing styles just makes you want to go back and see them in a different light.

Soon into the tutorial, I unlocked my first style and new Chester which were more than cosmetic additions. My first new character unlock was Bit Chester. Bit Chester takes strong hints from Mega Man in every way, however he does not feel like a rip off of the classic Capcom character but instead a well-done homage. Bit Chester can be swapped for the original Chester at any point and so opting to use him for increased speed and attack power is a wise move. Despite being more powerful though, Bit Chester was much weaker than Original Chester in terms of vitality, and so not being too careless is important throughout. Styles, however, change things up in a whole new way, and in a way which I was sure had not been done before to this extent.

With a quick tap of a button, Chester is able to switch the aesthetic look of each scene, however as I said above, this does more than just change the pretty factor. Going into a sketch/drawn style world for example makes platforms move much slower. Choosing another might cause enemies to appear much less aggressive, in turn attacking you less. Knowing which of these styles to use at any given time is half the battle, but when the style chosen has been used correctly it feels very rewarding.

Even the way he stands pays tribute to the blue bomber.

With the various Chesters able to greatly affect gameplay, and styles doing the same, you can expect a range of cleverly hidden collectibles which have purpose to their being. In the demo I played, I was able to collect everything but one item due to no fault of my own, and I got a sweet reward in the form of a fourth character. The character in question is not the kind that needs spoiling, but one that should be gained just to see for yourselves how awesome it is, so if you do decide to play the demo be sure to hunt for those collectibles.

Chester United might be a while off from its mid 2015 release till it can consider itself a fully feature complete game, but developers Brilliant Blue G seem to be on the right track with the title if what I had played was anything to go by. It was great to play a platformer that had some truly innovative ideas that were put to good use. I can see Chester United becoming a classic platformer with the right amount of dedication, dedication it seems that it is most certainly receiving.

This is Chegami, he is… Unique.

If you would like to try out the interesting little gem then take a look at the demo page at the link where you will be able to play a fair portion of Chester United.

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