Childhood Ruined: Scientifically Accurate Pokemon is a Scary Thing


The ever-funny, yet wonderfully twisted minds over at Animation Domination High-Def have built up a massive following thanks to their demented and wildly funny series of ‘SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE’ videos on YouTube. In the videos, ADHD takes a look at some of the world’s most popular and beloved cartoons and breaks down their nuances into real world logic – all set to the respective show’s theme music.

ADHD has recently released their newest SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE video, this time turning their horrifically humorous talents to the strange world of Pokémon. The video, ‘SCIENTIFICALLY ACCURATE POKEMON’ examines the downright absurd premise of the show and exposes just how strange the pocket-monster related happenings are.

ADHD’s video can be found in its entirety below, and be sure to check out their channel for even more scientifically accurate wackiness.

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