Chinese Art Teacher Crafts 11ft. Tall Hulkbuster Statue in 2 Months

26-year-old Xing Yile, a Chinese art teacher, has built his very own Iron Man Hulkbuster armor that stands 11ft. tall and weighs a half a ton, and the most impressive aspect of this feat may be the fact that he built it in just two months. I mean, look at that thing! It’s huge, full of fiberglass that looks like metal, as well as lights, and it even has it’s very own mini-Iron Man guy to compliment it.

I don’t know about you, but I’d definitely take one of these and throw it in the front yard to proclaim my geekiness for the world to see, or at least to piss off my neighbor that feels its his right to park in the street even though he has an open driveway and garage. Bastard.

Anyway, you must head on down past the break to check out a few more shots of Yile’s homemade Hulkbuster statue.

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Via [Slashgear]

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