Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie Take the Stage for ‘Captain America: Civil War’ at D23

During D23, Captain American and the Falcon – Chris Evans and Anthony Mackie – took the stage to rile up excitement for next year’s Civil War. In the film, Captain America and Iron Man take two opposing viewpoints on a government bill that requires superheroes to reveal their identity. As the two sides gain recruits, things heat up as friends face off against friends, siblings, and significant others.

Fans that attended D23 got to experience the full presentation with the actors, and even got a sneak peek at Captain America: Civil War. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we’re left with this edited video which doesn’t really discuss anything about the film, excludes the sneak peek, and allows Chris Evans to discuss his love of Disney.

From first-hand accounts, the footage is a scene in which Cap, Falcon, and Black Widow are on the hunt for Crossbones, and the interaction leads to some back and forth punches between Cap and Crossbones before Crossbones mentions Cap’s friend, Bucky aka the Winter Soldier.

After the panel, Evans and Mackie did discuss some quick points about the film, which you can see here:

Captain America: Civil War will be in theaters on May 6th, 2016.


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