Chris Pratt and the Guardians Family Pen Open Letter in Support of James Gunn Being Reinstated as GotG Vol. 3 Director

Just now on Twitter by way of Instagram, Chris Pratt, along with every main Guardians of the Galaxy cast member, vocalized their support for James Gunn being reinstated as the Director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. It’s been 10 days since Gunn was fired by Disney, and the support for Gunn has been mostly strong from Hollywood insiders to fans. Other Guardians cast members were quick to vocalize their displeasure with Disney over the firing, but Pratt, arguably the face of Gunn’s Guardians franchise, mostly sat back and didn’t take a firm stance on the matter until today.

In his Tweet he clearly states that Gunn should be reinstated, which is a pretty major move by the actor, who usually stays pretty neutral politically on social media. The tweet linked to an Instagram post of a signed open letter from the cast expressing their full take on the ordeal, as well as their undying support for James Gunn. The cast doesn’t just gloss over Gunn’s offensive tweets either, they do call him out for those, but they also point out how great of a man Gunn is based on their time working with him, but also based on how he himself has dealt with this devastating blow to his career. It’s clear they’re behind him 100% while also not supporting or making excuses for his bad tweets.

I’m still not sure if this will get Disney to rethink its decision, but when the star and full cast start throwing their social media weight around, you never know what may happen. I think a full on revolt by the cast would be the only way to get Gunn back, but I don’t believe any of them outside of Dave Bautista would actually walk from the project when pressed on it. Speaking of Dave, he too just shared the open letter on his Twitter. I expect the other cast members to follow suit.

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