There’s a new movie coming out called Chronicle which is about a group of teens who stumble upon a dark secret that bestows upon them super powers.  From what the film’s producers have shown us it looks like most of their powers are rooted in the Jedi arts.  Each of the boys in question can all use telekinesis with varying degrees of power, and one of them takes advantage of his new found Force powers by going rogue.

The premise of Chronicle sounds pretty entertaining, and it must be catching on with the public, because some YouTube videos have been popping up paying homage to it.  One in particular is from DeStorm, and the only reason I initially viewed it was because Freddie Wong told me to.  He pointed out that DeStorm mastered some old school camera tricks to pull of his VFX like stunts, so I had to see what these tactics could possibly be.  What a found was a pretty entertaining YT short that really is impressive for not having massive amounts of VFX.  Check it out below to see what Wong was talking about.  You’ve not been able to figure out how he pulled off some of these shots without a computers help…

If DeStorm Had Telekinesis

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