The same group that brought us the Vader vs. Hitler rap battle, have now released a lyrical battle between Honest Abe Lincoln, and Chuck “The Man Who Gargles with Honey” Norris.  Honestly, is this even a fair fight?  You have one of the most caring icons in the World versus a man who sleeps with his pillow under his gun.  Abe lost this battle before it even started.  Sure Abe Lincoln has his faced etched into the side of a mountain, but so would Chuck if granite was strong enough to become his beard!  Just like everything else in life Chuck is a master of rap battling.  I think Abe gave him a run, but it’s almost impossible to beat a man in any form of competition who wipes his as* with an 8×10 sheet of plywood.  Check it out below, I dare you to say Chuck didn’t win.  You’ve been wondering if any man could ski uphill until you thought about Chuck Norris…


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