Most trailers are made with actors and computer generated images. Pssh. Real creativity remakes those trailers using homemade objects and plenty of string. CineFix submits another Homemade Trailer and this time it’s for Avengers: Age of Ultron. I’m also not unconvinced that’s not nacho cheese on Ultron’s hand.

Anyway, things look rather dismal for the Avengers, however this homemade shot-for-shot recreation is anything but. The original trailer for Age of Ultron is extremely busy which means CineFix had to be exponentially busier to make their version. It’s all there including the awesome cardboard Hulkbuster armor and a very creepy Ultron puppet.

Make sure to visit more awesome homemade remakes on CineFix’s YouTube channel. You can check out the homemade clip above. There’s also a comparison to the trailer, and a behind the scenes video listed after the break.

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