CineFix Recreates the Avenger’s Superhero Fight Scene

CineFix has continually proved that they are best of the best when it comes to recreating scenes from classic movies in their own unique style. The channels’s ‘Homemade’ series takes classic movie scenes and recreates them shot-for-shot using their own DIY materials.

The newest offering from CineFix is The Avengers’ fight sequence between Iron Man, Thor and Captain America. By blending homemade materials, choreography and hilarious sound effects, CineFix’s take on The Avengers is a treat to watch.

In addition to the homemade recreation, CineFix has also released two additional videos to accompany their work.

The side-by-side comparison video showcases just how perfect CineFix’s own video is; capturing every single aspect of the original.

In the behind the scenes video, viewers get a glimpse into how much effort the talented CineFix gang puts into their production.

After taking a look at the videos, be sure to subscribe to CineFix’s YouTube channel to stay on top of all their amazing work.


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