CineFix Swedes the Star Trek: Into Darkness Trailer


At this point in time you should fully expect to see at least one project a week from the CineFix team featured on EB. They’ve released another one of their patented homemade trailer bits that matches the original property perfectly, albeit with low-tech flare. This week they tackled J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek: Into Darkness. Just like their other homemade shot-for-shot movie trailers this one manages to fully capture the awesomeness of the original.

You can check it out after the break, and don’t forget to watch the comparison video to see how precisely they managed to recreate the Star Trek: Into Darkness trailer. You’ve been wondering what film they’ll tackle next…

Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer 2 – Homemade Shot for Shot


Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer 2 – Homemade Side By Side Comparison

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