CineFix’s DIY Ghostbusters Slimer Trap Scene Is A Must Watch


In 1984, Ghostbusters was released and instantly became a comedy classic. The film’s unique premise, brilliant special effects, and top-notch performances from the entire cast – including Mr. Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd – combined for a perfect storm of spooky movie gold.

YouTube’s most savvy film makers, CineFix, have created their own homage to Ghostbusters that is an absolute must watch. The DIY recreation of the famous scene in which Venkman, Ray Stantz, and Egon capture the green ghost Slimer, is a testament not only to film making dedication, but also the lasting impact that Ghostbusters has had on its numerous fans.

CineFix’s homemade approach manages to capture the essence of the original film with a decidedly smaller budget, as well as create a perfect shot-for-shot replica of the scene.

As an added bonus, CineFix also uploaded two videos to showcase just how dedicated they are to making amazing work. The side-by-side comparison of their Ghostbusters scene to the original is absolutely stunning to see just how perfectly their short clip stacks up, and the behind the scenes video shows a level of dedication that can only come from doing something that you love.

Take a look at CineFix’s Ghostbusters Trap Slimer video and be sure to take a peek at the comparison and behind the scenes videos after, it is mind-blowing.

Just make sure not to cross streams or look into the trap.

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