Cinema Sins Takes On Man of Steel – Phallic Ships Exposed


The CinemaSins YouTube channel is back at it, and this time it tackled the Man of Steel to expose its numerous sins. Again, these parodies analyze even the smallest of nuances from all sorts of films, so some of the sins exposed from  Man of Steel get a little specific. Others though are valid, such as the curiously shaped cryo-pods that Zod and his minions were loaded into, and the fact that no one heard or saw Clark mangle an 18-wheeler in the parking lot of an Alaskan bar. A few other good questions are raised, namely how Clark’s superman suit ended up in the Kryptonian vessel that was frozen in the Earth’s crust for thousands of years.

While watching the parody just make sure to remind yourself that it is just that. The Cinema Sins guy loves movies just as much as the rest of us, but he tends to pick on films just to showcase how many issues they have regardless of genre. Luckily this guy can’t get to movies until they’re out on blu-ray/DVD, or every movie in the theater would be skewered apart before the masses got to see them. It’s all in good fun though, and these bits may even bring up something about a movie you never realized. Check out Man of Steel’s cinema sins after the break.

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