Cinema Sins Tallies Spider-Man 3’s Movie Sins

In preparation for the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this week, Cinema Sins completes the set with tallying the sins from the last of the originals, Spider-Man 3. If we learned anything from this last film it is to not hire the Raimi brothers to entertain at birthday parties because they clearly don’t know how to juggle. This movie did not do a good job with as many villains as it tried to weave into the storyline, making Sandman nearly superfluous and Venom gets nowhere near the screen presence that mainstay characters deserved. Hopefully ASM 2 gets it right because the previews are promising a lot.

Alongside a lot of the screenwriting follies, there are a bevy of whacky mistakes and laughable situations that Cinema Sins takes advantage of. I remember disliking the story but boy howdy are there a lot of dumb mishaps and happenstance in this movie.

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