CinemaCon Trailer for the Seemingly Bloodless ‘The Wolverine’


A new trailer from CinemaCon has been released for the Hugh Jackman starring The Wolverine movie, and while it features some intense action, I can’t help but be frightened at the lack of blood and guts. I’m sorry folks, but a movie about a guy who is invincible, and just so happens to have claws stronger than anything on the planet, I expect to see some freaking blood after he slashes people. There’s a scene in the new trailer below that depicts Wolverine sweeping the legs of some bad ninjas out from under them with his claws, and it didn’t even feature a stinking spray of red mist!

This is why I hate greedy studios who compromise violent characters like Logan so they can cram more bodies into theater seats. He’s a one man killing machine for Christ’s sake! I want see this guy rip people’s heads and appendages off like I know he can do. Unfortunately, that will never happen in today’s politically correct, money hungry culture. Boo! You’ve been wishing Hollywood had some balls…

Wolverine CinemaCon Trailer (2013) – Hugh Jackman Movie HD

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