It’s no coincidence that Cinema Sins chose V For Vendetta as their next entry to tally movie sins for, seeing that November 5th is tomorrow. They certainly did remember, remember the fifth of November, but when adapting this Alan Moore story into a motion picture there were some things that weren’t remembered.

For a near-future dystopian society, there are quite a few things that seemed to have fallen through the cracks, most notably with their surveillance, of which the city is replete with cameras! Clearly the people in charge are not the world’s greatest detective and are constantly foiled by a protagonist who is clearly not the World’s Greatest Detective, and by that I mean Batman. It is purely coincidence that the opening graphic is filled with bats and V lurks in the shadows and saves an innocent bystander in the opening scene. After she left for a date a half hour after curfew. All just plain coincidence.

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