Citizens of Earth’s Latest Screens Echo Old-School Goodness

On January 20, 2015, the world is about to get a whole lot more interesting with the release of Citizens of Earth, the quirky, Earthbound-inspired sendup to SNES era role-playing games.

Citizens of Earth’s charming art style and off-kilter humor instantly shines through with each trailer and new screenshot released, painting a strange – yet instantly enjoyable – vision of a big man in a small rural town.

As the Veep attempts to relax in his hometown, it becomes clear that something is amiss. In order to get to the bottom of the strange events, the Veep chugs a cup (or two) of coffee before recruiting an eclectic party of friends, family and other colorful characters on an exhaustive journey to save the world.

In celebration of Citizens of Earth’s upcoming release, a colorful batch of new screenshots have been released, showcasing the game’s battle system as well as some of the game’s various locations.

Citizens of Earth has been featured as one of Entertainment Buddha’s top indie games of 2015 and top games coming out in early 2015.


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