City of Brass is like if you took the best parts of Aladdin and Indiana Jones and put them together into a first-person action game. It’s way more fun to play than I thought it would be just from looking at it. I had seen it before, but I wasn’t really sure what to think. What made it exciting to play was the fact that you could play the game many ways and still come out victorious.

The way I chose to play was somewhat slow and plodding because I was terrified to set off traps and get caught off guard. The more you look around and find treasure, however, the more money you’ll have for upgrades. It was really fun to walk into a new room and try to scan over every little bit of it to find the traps and see what kinds of enemies you’ll be dealing with. It’s fun to meet new enemies and find out what their weakness is and try to use your whip, sword, and other throwable on them.

The whip is essential when fighting enemies; you can’t really get away with just using the sword here. The whip can’t really kill anyone — at least, not in the amount of the game that I played. It stuns enemies sometimes. It can disarm them, blind them, knock their feet out from under then, and a few other things, too!

The best thing about the whip is that it lets you pick up items from far away, and lets you swing from certain objects within rooms. This can be used to escape enemies or get the drop on a group of unsuspecting foes (and snag some sweet treasure). You can get all kinds of stuff with money from different Genies that you meet throughout the game. You can get a whip that freezes enemies, you can get a companion who will soak up damage for you for a while and attack enemies for you, and way more!

There’s a lot of stuff going on in City of Brass, and if you’re on the fence about picking this game up, you should definitely get it. I was suspicious about it myself before I actually played it, but it’s really fun and I had a great time talking to members of the team about it!

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