City of the Shroud Aims to Deliver a Unique Take on Tactical RPGs

Abyssal Arts has big plans for City of the Shroud, their upcoming tactical RPG with quite a refreshing take on the genre. If a project heavily influenced by the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem sounds appealing, then this is one for the bookmarks.

City of the Shroud‘s combat and narrative combine to create the core of the game. In order to avoid the typically slower pace of the tactical RPG genre, Abyssal Arts created a real-time, combo-based, tactical combat system with a Combo Wheel mechanic. This allows players to string abilities together to create some pretty effective combinations of attacks, all while moving units and issuing commands in real-time.

As for the game’s story, bestselling indie author Moira Katson is on the job. City of the Shroud begins its story by placing it in the hands of the players, but with a much grander scale than just single-player. Each player’s actions will help determine the outcome of the story for everyone to experience. As decisions are collectively made, Katson creates a story that best reflects the choices of the player base.

City of the Shroud will be released episodically in four parts, each with what seems like enough content to keep it lively. PvP multiplayer, customizable characters, and mod support join the party, as well, giving players plenty to keep themselves busy. The game’s art isn’t quite finished yet, but even just seeing what’s already been accomplished with City of the Shroud is enough to excite.

With little over a week left, City of the Shroud‘s Kickstarter has already met its goal. If this is something up your alley, consider showing your support by making a pledge. More donations mean more content come release day – more content is never a bad thing.

Especially when it looks this good.


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