‘CIV 6: Rise and Fall’ Expansion Let’s Take a Look at Korea

Excited for the new expansion for Sid Meier’s Civilization VI to hit on February 8th of 2018? Well let’s take a look at the Korean Civilization that’s being added with this new expansion!

The leader of this Civilization is Queen Seondeok, who ruled the kingdom of Silla at a very important time during Korea’s history, so it’s fitting for her to be the one chosen for this role in the game. Korea can build the Sai Wan which replaces the campus and is a building unique to this faction. It must be built on hills and it has a fixed yield of science, though that yield is reduced with every district you build next to it. Korea’s unique ability is called Three Kingdoms, which gives mines bonus science and farms bonus food if you build them next to a Sai Wan. There are also new units and abilities added with this civilization as well, check out the video above to find out some more about this new civilization.

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