Civil War Spider-Man and Hawkeye Funko Pops Confirmed to be in Non-exclusive 4-Pack

UPDATE – An official clean shot of the Pops has been released!

Last night on Periscope the Funko social media team unveiled the rumored Captain America: Civil War Spider-Man Funko Pop, which will be in a non-exclusive 4-pack that also contains a new Hawkeye Pop and two keychain Pops.

The only way to get the Civil War Spider-Man Pop is through this 4-pack, which luckily isn’t a retailer exclusive, so don’t expect to find him anywhere else. The 4-pack is pretty solid and you get a new Hawkeye, so besides the keychain Pops the collection is worthy of your money. What’s even better is that you can remove Cap’s shield from Spider-Man’s arm!


Unfortunately, at this time the only images we have of the new Pops are shaky to say the least because they came from the less than HD Periscope stream. Rumor has it that Funko will officially release the news sometime today, so we should have legit pics when that information comes out. They’re also supposed to release to retail in June.

Head on down below to check out these awesome non-exclusive Civil War Funko Pops.

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