Clandestine Gets a Trailer For First Two Episodes: Intrigue Runs Rampant


Clandestine, the highly anticipated series from Epic Rival, the newly founded production unit of the Thousand Pounds Action Company, has received a trailer for its first two episodes and based off of what has been seen, there are plenty of reasons to be excited for the show’s premier.

Clandestine is best described as a full-length action series that aims to bring the tradition of Martial Arts based storytelling to a world-wide audience.

In Clandestine, a war wages just out of modern America’s sight. Ancient clans that have long lived in peace respond to an unfathomable mass murder, readying their supernatural gifts of war. Tensions mount as the clans vie for position and danger is found around every corner.

More information about Clandestine can be found by heading to the show’s Facebook page and until Clandestine is unveiled to the world, fans will have to make due with the amazingly put together trailer that can be found below.

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