Clash of the Titans Reboot Starts Today

Sticking with the days of yore and when people believed that lightning came from a dude’s hand, “Clash of the Titans” opens today at a theater near you.  Isn’t it funny to think about how ancient civs used to explain things that happened in nature?  They were a bunch of dummies, but it’s not like they knew any better.  It makes you wonder what future civs will say about our time on Earth.  I’m thinking it’s going to be something like, “Yeah those asswipes back in the 21st century really fucked things up!”

Cynicism aside, this reboot of the 1981 classic “Clash of the Titans” looks to be worth my time and coin.  True to form these days it will be in 3D, so hopefully I can enjoy that eye melting experience I so fondly remember from “Avatar”.  3D is obviously here to stay now, so hopefully our eyes and brains can mutate to accommodate this new form of viewing content.

Jake Sulley, I mean Sam Worthington, is making another appearence in a blockbuster starring as Perseus, the lead character in “Clash of the Titans”.  I really don’t know much about the plot of this flick, but I guess the 1981 version was considered revolutionary as far as special effects goes.  In the ultra Cliff Notes version I think Perseus basically has to go around and kick major ass.  Who wouldn’t like to watch that in 3D?

Go support Sam Worthington’s cause for becoming the next blockbuster action star, so far this guy is on a [slider title=”roll.”]Dude has starred in “Terminator Salvation”, “Avatar”, and now “Clash of the Titans”.  Talk about one lucky mo fo![/slider] Check out this behind the scenes vid below to wet your appetite before you go and see, “Clash of the Titans” in 3D.


You’ve been enlightened…


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