Cliff Bleszinski Puts Olivia Munn on Blast on Twitter, Calls Her “Horrible Person”

Apparently Cliff Bleszinski, a staple in the video game community and creator of many popular gaming franchises, has no love for former G4 host Olivia Munn. Last night, and even into this morning he went on a Twitter binge to let the world know that Ms. Munn is a “horrible person,” and that she, “is the embodiment of appropriating nerd culture and using it for her gain.” He went on to claim that many of his friends from G4 have confirmed his tweets on Munn being a user and an overall “bad person” to work with.

The Twitter rage appears to stem from an article on Golden Lasso that exposes a lie Munn fabricated about her stunt work in the upcoming X-Men: Age of Apocalypse film, in which she stated to multiple sources that she did all of her stunt work. Apparently her double on the film didn’t appreciate the slight, and the fact that she had a double at least confirms she didn’t do all of her own stunts.

Quite frankly, Cliff’s outrage seems a bit odd, but in one aspect he’s just sticking up for his friends from G4 who felt Munn was indeed a dick, and for her apparent nerd/geek fakeness. I personally have enjoyed looking at Munn, and did like her on G4, but deep down I always felt like she was using it as a stepping stone. Not that I really cared or paid much attention, but you know how geeks/nerds can get when they feel that someone has used them or their culture for personal gain. Either way, Cliff’s tweets are scathing and a bit entertaining, so head on down below to follow the beat down he gave Olivia Munn over her apparent lies and abuse of nerd culture.

At the time of this writing Munn had not responded to Cliff’s tweets.

The below tweets play out in chronological order.


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