Cliff Bleszinski Tweet to Upset Gears of War 2 Fan May Hint at Dedicated Servers for Gears of War 3

I wish I wasn’t a lazy bum and posted this last night, but while checking my Twitter feed I saw a tweet from @therealcliffyb that possibly hints at a fix for the lag experienced in Gears of War games.  He  tweeted the above picture, which is a broken Gears of War 2 disc that was mailed to him at EPIC with “Lag Sucks” etched on it.  Cliff’s exact tweet is promising and honest.  He said in response to “Lag Sucks”, “We agree. (Disc says “Lag Sucks.”) Expect news on this sort of thing soon.”  I actually think his statement speaks volumes about the possibility of dedicated servers in Gears of War 3.  I’m completely pulling this out of my magical bung-hole, but it makes sense.

There were rumors about Gears of War 3 having dedicated servers a few months ago, but EPIC hasn’t made any official statement on the subject yet.  That’s why I find Cliff’s tweet of “We agree. (Disc says “Lag Sucks.”) Expect news on this sort of thing soon”, very interesting.   To me the “expect news on this soon statement” has to be the announcement that Gears of War 3 will have dedicated servers.  How could it not?  It’s not like he’s talking about fixing Gears of War 2.  He can’t be.

Spread the rumor, Gears of War 3 to have dedicated servers!  By the way check out the return address on the envelope.  Everyone is a comedian.  You’ve been wanting to smash your Gears of War 2 disc as well…
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