Clone Wars Adventures MMO Reaches 1 Million Users in 1 Week

I must admit that the Clone Wars franchise is the best thing that has happened to the Star Wars Universe in the prequel era.  After three less than average live-action movies the Star Wars franchise needed something like the Clone Wars cartoon to breathe some life into it.  There’s nothing wrong with adults watching cartoons is there?

Sony Online has taken fan interest in the Clone Wars and turned it into a MMO juggernaut.  I guess they launched Clone Wars Adventures last week, which is a free to play MMO set in the Clone Wars universe.  What they weren’t expecting was to have over a million users register in a weeks time.  This just goes to show that Lucas’s money printing machine still has legs.  Star Wars anything will always attract an audience.  It’s like printing money when you slap something together that is Star Wars.

I’ll be honest.  I went over to the Clone Wars Adventures site to check this thing out.  I’m not much of a MMO player, nor do I need another online addiction, but I wanted to see what caused 1 million people to sign up.  To be honest with you this little MMO looks very promising. Check out the trailer to see what this thing is all about.


I’m definitely going to sign up fanboy style, so I’ll be able to give a better review of Clone Wars Adventures in the near future.  In the mean time, head on over to the official link to check out the site for yourself.  You never know, it may be a blast, or it may be weak as hell, but at least it’s free and Star Wars.  You’ve been given another game to ruin your life…

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