Clubbing Anthem For Geeks: “Tonight I’m Frakking You”

Most hardcore geeks are familair with the term “frak”, but for those of you that still haven’t watched Battlestar Galactica, it is the clean way to say f*ck on cable TV.  So now the song title should make more sense to those of you that aren’t super geeks.  Anyway, “Tonight I’m Frakking You” could have the most references to sci-fi culture that have ever been in a single song.  Plus, the video is reminiscent of what it would look like if cosplay geeks were given the keys to the club and told to throw the sickest party that they know how, and no one would be there to kick their a*ses, or make fun of them with pointing fingers.  I’m talking Slave Leia hooking up with a Spock Jedi kind of partying.  Now that’s some kinky a*s sh*t!  I’m telling you, geeks know how to have a good time, even if it is slightly creepy.  Check it out below to see what it looks like behind closed doors at a convention that is geeky in nature.  You’ve been wanting that Juggernaut costume…


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