This week on Cluster Cast, Nat and Enrique tackle a wide variety of subjects, including subtitles, a battle royale, and basic human decency in game development.

It’s pretty fair to say that Neon Genesis Evangelion is making waves in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, which is unfortunate. There’s been some changes in the translations of the show, changing some very iconic and pivotal lines in the show. A couple of them take a little bit away from the impact that the originals had, and a whole lot of people are voicing their opinion on it. That, and the original ending song, Fly Me To The Moon is not included anymore, due to some licensing issues (pesky licensing, ruins everything).

Apex Legends also is getting a big, fat update with Season 2, and we talk about that quite a bit. The game has been starving for some kind of major change, and this looks like the start of many big changes to come. Destiny 2 is also in the news as of late, because Bungie is treated it’s employees like humans and not forcing them to get a new patch out faster than they humanly can. There’s something really unsettling about the fact that a studio is treating people like people and they’re being praised for it. The industry as a whole has had a sickly obsession with insane crunch times until now, and people are finally getting the message that 80 hour work-weeks are bad.

If this means that big AAA games come out less often, I’m okay with that because I can’t keep up with them at the rate they come out right now anyway. Please, big AAA game companies, let your devs do their work at a reasonable rate, stop treating them like sweat-shop workers.

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