The internet is rife with all kinds of drama these days, and it’s oh-so-fun to talk about. Avengers: Endgame is also fun to talk about, that’s why almost half of this podcast is pretty much dedicated to talking about that. The other half is mostly spent talking about ProJared’s dick that his wife has most likely confiscated at this point. That, and Randy Pitchford BEING a dick, as per usual, and getting into all kinds of trouble with Claptrap’s voice actor.

Luckily, Endgame is pretty easy to talk about, and since I literally just saw it the night before we talked about it, it all rolled right off the tongue. Why is Thanos suddenly just a malevolent jerkoff in this movie where he was kinda relatable in the last one? Does watching a trailer ruin half of the suspense of the movie? Will Tobey Maguire ever get to meet Captain Marvel? We DEFINITELY answer all of these questions within this podcast, just Enrique and I.

Between Thanos, Randy, and ProJared, we probably could have just dubbed this the “dickcast” and been okay with that. Let us know if this is something you guys wanna see more of or if there’s something you want us to do differently with it!

“Making you a better geek, one post at a time!”

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