Er, I meant Cats!

Good lord, who greenlit this eldritch horror, it’s worse than a Robert Zemeckis film, and that’s saying something. In this episode, we of course talk a bit about the waking nightmare known as Cats, as well as a plethora of other things!

SDCC 2019 had just begun when we started talking, and some new trailers for movies had come out. Chief among them were IT 2, Top Gun Maverick, and Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot, which we’re all somewhat excited for, in varying fashions. Nat never really got into Top Gun, so some re-watching is in order before the new movie comes out, and the same goes for Jay and Silent Bob. While the latter is looking to be more of a stoner-boner comedy than the original and probably won’t be a cult classic like the original, it’ll be interesting nonetheless.

There was some other news related to both a remastering of Batman Beyond, and a new Warhammer 40k show that’s coming somewhere at sometime. Apparently it’s directed by the guy who did Man in the High Castle, so he’s quite capable of directing a show about fascists. Only time will tell if any of the above mentioned things will be good but check out the podcast for a more in-depth and scatter-brained look at our thoughts on all of them!

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