Coca-Cola Offers Fans a Solid iOS Game for Free in Crabs and Penguins

Late last week Coca-Cola released a new iOS game called Crabs and Penguins for the iPhone 4s, iPad 2, and the new iPad.  The reason for listing those particular devices is because this game has some pretty high-end visuals that can’t be rendered on just any iDevice.  Like I mentioned the game is free, and actually quite entertaining, especially if you have kids.  The visual style is reminiscent of a Pixar movie, and the Hero crab will instantly resonate with younger gamers.  The gameplay consists of some side scrolling endless runner action mixed in with some third person segments that feel similar to a driving game of sorts.

The 3rd person sections feel like you’re in a Star Wars hyperspace tunnel

If you’ve ever played Jaws Revenge C and A is very similar in nature to it.  You are tasked with navigating Hero Crab from one level to the next to reach his final destination, which is an island containing the other species featured in this game – penguins.  The main gameplay consists of two touchscreen buttons: one for diving under the water, and another for jumping out of it.  You have to alternate between the two to collect as many sand dollars and starfish pick ups as possible to set a high score.  In addition to collecting these items you also have to avoid any obstacles in Hero Crab’s way, or the little shelled wielding ocean dweller will meet his demise.

Gotta love two button games

I don’t typically do full reviews for free games, because, well, they’re free, and you can easily try them out for yourself to see if its worth keeping or not.  Although, I can recommend Crabs and Penguins for younger gamers, and fans of these style of games alike.  Just remember that this game will only run on A5 chip equipped iDevices, so make sure to not download it to your whimper mobile gadget, because it won’t work.  That’s how beefy this game’s content is.

Crabs and Penguins may not sound like an enticing video game, but its easy to use controls, and impressive visuals make it an experience worth checking out.  If anything, the game is free, so even if you’d rather see Hero Crab get caught by the Northwestern it’s not like your losing your shirt or anything by downloading it.  Give it a try by following this link to download it to your iTunes account.  You can also check out a trailer for C and A below.  You’ve been wondering how crabs and penguins even fit together…

A Free Game from Coca-Cola — “Crabs and Penguins”

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