I’m not even completely sure what to make of this, but it looks like Black Ops 4 in general is about to get a whole lot more spooky. A bunch of zombies-related skins and map additions are coming to multiplayer mode, and Reaper is returning as a playable character!

Blackout is getting some new content as well, as apparently the lights “Have been turned out” and everything is crawling with zombies! This applies to both maps currently, and each is uniquely updated, which is pretty nice. Obviously Zombies mode has been updated as well, with a brand new experience being added to the game!

This is the kind of content update I like to see in a big game like this, where EVERYTHING gets updated. Of course, this is Call of Duty we’re talking about, along with Activision, so there is every chance that they totally blow it by adding in some kind of terrible microtransaction or something. I’m optimistic though, zombie-related stuff has been in somewhat of a drought lately, pretty much since the early 2010’s in fact. World War Z the game was a great start in bringing back the undead into popularity, and Call of Duty always does zombies pretty well. Check out the trailer above and let us know which part of the update is your favorite so far!

This begins July 9th on PS4 exclusively.

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