COD: Black Ops Camper Song – I Hate Them Too!

Will the real Campers please stand up, please stand up!  Thanks now I can punch you in the balls you no skill having, spineless, n00b!  For those of you not in the gaming know, a camper is someone who stakes out a hidden spot for an entire game snagging kills in what most gamers consider a cheap manner.  Campers more or less sit in hidden places and will only take action when an unsuspecting enenmy walks through their zone.  More or less, they don’t participate in the game outside of their own little roost.

Personally, I think campers blow and I could never be one myself because I have zero patience.  I’d rather rack up a horrible K/D ratio by randomly running around the battlefield versus sitting in one place hoping for a bad guy to stroll bye.  On the other hand, it’s not like they’re doing something illegal in the game, so I can’t b*tch too much.  The one thing I hate more than campers are gamers who complain about game tactics that may be cheap, but are legal according to the game’s rules (Chainsawing in Gears of War).  If the dev didn’t want you to play their game a certain way they wouldn’t have programmed it in there you dummies!

Some guy hates campers in Call of Duty: Black Ops so much that he wrote a song about it.  It’s not a bad tune and it’s pretty catchy for a parody of a Bieber song.  Brysi, the song’s creator has some great lines in there that I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself after a camper takes you out.  Check it out below.  You’ve been thinking that a camper is someone who can’t afford a nice vacation…


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