COD: Black Ops Veteran Setting Should be Called Bullsh*t Mode

*UPDATE* – See after the article for a great tip on how to beat the last checkpoint on COD: Black Ops – The Executive Order mission, which is the bottle neck that caused me to write this article out of pain and suffering.  Good Luck! You will need it…

If you’re like me you sometimes like to challenge yourself in life.  I’m not talking about doing well at work, or excelling at school either.  I’m talking about the challenges that matter in life like scoring cheves from Xbox 360 videogames.  I always do my best to clear up as many cheves as possible for every game I buy.  This helps to give the $60 form of entertainment some legs, and makes you feel like you’re getting some bang for your buck.  With every game there will be specific cheves for beating the game on a certain difficulty.  These tend to be the most challenging, yet rewarding achievements for every game that I play.  That’s if the harder difficulty doesn’t use BS tactics like unlimited enemy spawning, grenade spamming, or other cheap forms of making a game harder by flipping some line of code to make our lives miserable.

This is the exact scenario I seem to be facing while playing Call of Duty: Black Ops on Veteran.  Before you start calling me a wuss, please note that I’ve beaten every COD on Veteran outside of #3, and a multitude of other extremely tough games on their hardest setting.  So it’s not like I can’t handle the heat.  My beef with COD: Black Ops is the same I had with the last Treyarch developed COD game when playing it on the hardest difficulty setting.  Rather than just making you more vulnerable and the enemy AI stronger, they lazily program their game to make the challenge eye gougingly hard.  I still have nightmares of never ending potato mashers landing at my feet from COD: World at War!

What I mean when I write lazily programming their game, is that Treyarch employs invisible markers that trigger enemy AI to spawn, and another invisible marker to cause them to stop spawning.  This marker is also key to your friendly AI teammates and how they decide to help you in your struggle to save the world.  For example, I am currently stuck on the 3rd level on the last checkpoint, which requires you to get through some halls and a server room area.  Doesn’t sound so tough right?  Wrong mother f*cker!  With this particular scenario I am effectively pinned down due to unlimited enemy spawning because I cannot move up and trigger the invisible “I’m here marker stop spawning enemies out of thin air point!”  It is a freaking joke that has already lead to me biting my right-index finger so hard it went numb from nerve damage, and I also managed to compress a controller so tightly that the battery popped out of the back.  A stroke is the next logical choice for self-punishment.

I’m not stuck because I’m no good.  I’m stuck because Treyarch has programmed their game to be unrealistic.  I’m all about getting challenged, but since when do enemies spawn out of thin air, and how many Russians can literally be in one place at a time?  At my particular choke point I’ve counted over 60 enemies killed, yet they keep coming until I get to that magical point on the level that tells them to stop coming.  How is that realisitc?  If anything, it totally ruins the challenge of playing the game on Veteran.  I love the thrill of beating a game that tests my merit, but I can’t help but despise a game that only tests my patience.

You may be saying, “EB just f’ing move forward then bub!”, but that is impossible when you have enemies spilling out of walls like water from a leaky pipe.  This is compounded by the fact that my 2 friendly AI won’t do jack sh*t until I move up either.  This creates a constant game of run and pray, which usually ends in failure.  I’m telling you now, if I ever have a stroke from gaming it’ll be a direct result of the nonsense that Treyarch employs in their games.  Challenge me all you want, but don’t make a game where the odds are so unrealistic due to cheap programming methods, that most gamers would rather slit their throats than endure that type of torture.  It’s enough to make a grown man cry, trust me, I know from personal experience.

Yes I’m whining, and I promise you will too when you hit a section like this in a game where you know your skill isn’t being tested, but your patience for BS is.  It totally ruins the experience of the challenge, and the game itself.  I loathe COD: Black Ops now, and probably will never enjoy it.  I can’t love a game that bones me in the a*s over cheap tactics.  It’s so frustrating knowing that all I have to do is make it down 1 flipping hallway, and then magically trip a line that tells the game to stop spewing enemies from its hidden orfices before I can move on with my life.  It’s a crap shoot that is wearing my nerves raw.  If you never hear from me after today it probably means my head exploded from playing COD: Black Ops on Veteran.  If that’s the case don’t feel bad for me, at least I’ll be in a better place where games don’t cheat.  Anyone else want to chime in with their hate?  You’ve been brought to the verge of a mental breakdown over a damn videogame…


FINALLY, I knocked this turd level out thanks to a reader’s tip below:

Just use smoke in the last hallway (trust me you’ll know which hallway I’m talking about), and quickly run to the room on your right. Once inside quick blast a hater right in front of you, and then make your way towards the second row of this room and move out of the room through the door on the far end.  Be careful of the far door making sure to stay moving and shooting because it is another point that will spawn bad guys non-stop.  If you’re having trouble in this room use the pit like ledge of the row you’re in to hide from these bozos and get ready to make the final push out of said room. Once ready, throw another smoke out of the door and Sprint across the hall to the locker room making sure to blast the 3 guys in there by surprise.   Bam! Checkpoint!   The last bit isn’t tough at all and then you’re done…25g and I hated every minute of it!  Can’t wait for the next PMD moment.  Thanks to Sam for the initial tip.  He’s our hero!


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