Video games have grown by leaps and bounds over the last 25 years. Thinking back on the days of Atari and Nintendo with the 8-bit graphics and side scrolling action it’s almost unthinkable to look at what is available to gamers today. We have games that are compatible with 3D TVs and the ability to play online over a dedicated server with thousands of others around the world.

If you game then you definitely have heard of COD. It may be the best example of the new age of gaming. There is a single player and multi-player campaign option, but most people skip those and go directly to the online game modes. There are so many customizable options and game modes available that it would take hours to try them all.  Combine that with the thrill of playing random people online with different skill levels and it never gets old. The trash talking that takes place over the mics is pretty intense at times too.

Gaming has moved beyond being just a recreational hobby for some. It has become a full-time job with thousands of dollars on the line at various tournaments around the world. Some gamers are even sponsored by big time companies (Panasonic and Dr. Pepper are two) to showcase their skills almost like pro athletes with endorsement deals.

COD is one of the games that players take extremely seriously and big money is up for grabs to the winners at tournaments. Those that game a few days a week with an average gaming session of two to three hours have no shot at winning. These professional gamers have stepped gaming up to the next level and some play more than 15 hours…a day.

COD: Elite is the next step in gaming because people who use it are not the players that are looking to have some fun occasionally. COD: Elite offers information similar to what a coach would get from studying film of an opponent to find weaknesses and also looking over his/her own team to locate areas to improve upon. Yeah, it’s serious business.

COD: Elite features

  • You can create clans (groups of gamers) with players who are looking for the same type of gaming experience as you and are at the skill level you are. Leads to competitive sessions.
  • New tournaments, leagues and challenges are updated and created daily giving gamers an opportunity with in game awards. Real life trophies and prizes are available too.
  • Your statistics are tracked for you to review after the session to see where you need to improve and note your tendencies. There are interactive maps available also so you can get a feel for the layout of the various arenas to find hiding spots (great for setting up sniping locations) and the best routes in case you need to retreat.
  • Each weapon in the game is broken down completely: you learn the strengths and weaknesses of each, the customizable options and your own specific accuracy with each.
Example of the stats collected in COD: Elite

They weren’t joking when they named it Elite.


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