COD: Modern Warfare 3 Launching November 8, 2011 & I Don’t Give a Damn!

All of the rage in today’s gaming news has to do with the announcement that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will be hitting store shelves this Fall on November 8, 2011.  Grant it, the COD franchise has sold more titles in the past few years than most 3rd World Country’s GDP combined, but I’m starting to feel a little burnt out on the series.  Activision continues to pound these things down our throats just like the Guitar Hero franchise, which didn’t fair to well in its last few outings, so the series was shelved.  I don’t know what it is, but I’m getting sick of these things coming out every year.

I haven’t been super involved in the series since the inception of Modern Warfare back in COD 4, but I still seem to end up buying each new entry in the franchise.  I thought Black Ops was neat, but nothing special, and just like MW2 I blew at the MP piece, so I never did much with the game until I sold it back to Gamestop.  For me at least there’s a sense of fatigue setting in with the Call of Duty franchise in general, so that’s why I’m not popping chubs over the latest news in regards to MW3.  I just don’t care!

Modern Warfare 3 Soldiers

Knowing myself I’ll still pick it up on launch day, but I know I probably won’t become addicted to it like I was with COD 4.  Really any title since 4 has just felt like a clone with a new set of clothes.  The successors never seemed to captivate my mind in the same gripping way that Infinity Ward’s first Modern Warfare title.  Speaking of IW, they’re involved in Modern Warfare 3, but don’t forget what happened last year at that studio.  Let’s just say that IW as a developer isn’t the same machine that it was before 2010’s mass exodus.  Keeping this in mind I have no doubt that Modern Warfare 3 won’t have the same feel as the previous MW titles, which were developed by the full creative team of Infinity Ward.  There’s just no way for this game to be a true Modern Warfare title without the minds that originally took the COD franchise down that path.

I know I’m in the minority with my opinions on Modern Warfare 3, but I’d have to imagine that there’s a handful of gamers out there that feel the same way.  COD 4: Modern Warfare was indeed something very special, but in the hands of Activision it has become nothing more than another cash cow franchise that will be run into the ground until it stops producing mega-bucks.  If you ask me the game coming out in 2011 that has my balls tingling with anticipation has to be Gears of War 3, which unfortunately won’t see the sales numbers that the COD machine will undoubtedly achieve.

If your a gamer that only plays the same game over and over why not change things up and give something new a try this Fall?  There are many games out there that provide more fun than camping at a choke point and slaughtering n00bs.  For a full report on the Modern Warfare 3 announcement head on over to this link.  You’ve been poked with a stick Call of Duty fanboys…


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