Collectors Look At What You Can Do If You Open Your Toys: Darth Vader Bathroom

For many serious collectors it’s considered sacrilegious to open collectible after you search them out and procure them.  I too have supported this mantra with most of my collectibles, but recently I’ve begun to buck the system.  You see, if I’m going to drop some coin on these toys typically meant for children I want to be able to play with them too.  I’m tired of fantasizing what it’d be like to fully realize my purchases by removing them from their protective cases.  Who gives a sh*t if they supposedly lose value!  The more thought I’ve put into this matter the more that I realized that I don’t necessarily collect toys as an investment anymore.  Rather they’ve become some sort of art to display in my geek-cave.

For example, Darth Vader is by far one of my favorite characters to collect, as well as other Imperial pieces.  I appreciate the different artistic styles that have been used to bring the Dark Lord of the Sith to a store shelf near you.  I’m fascinated by how many different styles Vader can be re-created in.  I have bobble-heads, super deformed, miniature, and many other various shapes to represent one of the most iconic movie characters of all-time.  I used to keep all of these little wonderful pieces boxed away like they were worth a million bucks a piece, when in all reality they’re only worth what someone is willing to pay.  I wanted to see my Vader collection free, and out in the wild where it should be, so what better place to showcase my collection than my dudes only bathroom!

To save myself from getting thrown out of my own house I’ve managed to strike a deal with the boss (AKA The Wife) about approved locations to display my collections.  This negotiation is what led me to displaying my toys down in my man-pit, and more appropriately the sh*tter.  This is the room that I decided to invade with my army of Darth Vader toys.  I completely decked it out with a line-up of the varying styles that I have collected of Vader memorabilia.  What self-respecting Star Wars geek doesn’t need a Darth Vader bust staring at their junk while they take a p*ss?  Who needs wallpaper when you can line it in Darth Vader figures?  To me it was just common sense to pimp out my john with my favorite villain/p*ssy/good guy of all-time.

To give you an idea of how this Vaderized bathroom looks I’m attaching a few shots, and a quick video tour.  You’ll be able to see that it’s not that over-the-top, and a great way to display your collection without A) P*ssing off the Lady of the house, and B) Actually getting some use out of all that money you’ve spent on f*cking toys!  If it were up to me my whole basement would be covered in this sh*t, but I’ve learned to pick my battles and this wasn’t a fight I knew I could win.  Regardless, if you combine my Mighty Mugg Wall with the Vader themed bathroom I’m still winning when it comes to displaying items in my basement, which are usually meant for people 10 years and younger.

Dark Lord of the P*ss

Vaders on Parade

Left Side Vaders

Right Side Vaders

Hopefully, my interior decorating will give some of you collectors a reason to open those awesome toys you’ve gathered over the years, but if you look at what I’ve done and it makes you cry I understand.  It’s not easy to open a collectible, I get it, but if you do work up enough courage I can promise you that it’s like a weight being lifted off of your shoulders.  Take the first step to freeing your collection today!  You’ve been given the tools now execute…


Vader Themed Bathroom Video Tour


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