Puppy Punch Productions has announced the release of Colour Bind, a unique puzzle game where colour determines gravity.  Throw out what little knowledge you learned in physics class about mass and gravity, and get ready to be challenged.  If you are a fan of puzzle based games, this game looks promising and like one that you should at least give a shot.  Check out the full press release below for all the details and an overview trailer.  You’ve been thinking your high school physics teacher was full of sh*t…

Introducing Colour Bind, a colour-based physics puzzler you have to play (ESPECIALLY if you’re a fan of puzzlers!)

Hey folks!

I’m dispensing even more incredible indie awesomeness today, as we introduce Puppy Punch Productions’ Colour Bind, a unique puzzle game where gravity is determined not by mass but by colour. It’s coming out soon for PC and Mac, and I’ll have more info on a release date in the coming weeks.

That said, I have screenshots and a great new overview trailer from the game’s creator, Finn Morgan, who’s been toiling on this (very fun) game for more than two years.

Colour Bind is a physics platform-puzzler set in an abstract world where gravity is determined not by mass, but by colour. Navigate this unique world by manipulating colour and gravity to solve each level. Beating each unique puzzle in Colour Bind will take patience, intelligence, quick reflexes and sometimes even a helping hand from a friend.


A TRUE CHALLENGE: Over 50 unique puzzles with multiple solutions will keep you platforming for a long time. This game is hard. Early-90’s hard. Don’t be afraid to step back and think.

COLOUR-BASED PHYSICS: Change your colour and manipulate each level’s gravity to solve every puzzle. Primary colours have different gravities applied to them, and when combined form a secondary colour that takes the vector sum of their gravity.

A WORLD OF SECRETS: Take your time to explore every level. There’s a world of hidden solutions, distractions, and more to discover. Can you unlock every achievement?

PROCEDURAL MUSIC: Colour doesn’t only control your physical experience, but your aural as well. Each colour has a different music track, and combining and changing your colour will mix these tracks on the fly to transform your auditory experience.

PLAY WITH A FRIEND: 20 local co-op levels that take not only two hands, but two minds to defeat. It will take impeccable timing and skill to reach the end. The ultimate challenge for the ambidextrous gamer.

CREATE YOUR OWN LEVELS: Colour Bind’s challenge doesn’t stop once you’ve beaten every level. Download new levels through Steam Workshop or create your own with ColourBind’s fully featured level editor for a never-ending experience!

LEADERBOARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS: Compete with your friends online to get the fastest times per level! Can you find the fastest alternate solutions and jump to the top of the leaderboards?

Colour Bind – An Introduction to Coloured Gravity Gameplay Preview

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