Columbus, OH Homeless Man Has Some Serious Radio Voice Talent

I guess this story has blown up over the past week or so, which kind of makes me feel like a bum considering my home base is in the C-Bus.  Some homeless guy who sets up shop at I-71 and Hudson was spotted with the usual beggar’s sign, but his said that he had a “Golden Radio Voice” rather than state how poor he is.  On a side note, why do you think bums have signs that say they’re not doing well?  I want to say, “Oh really, I thought you just weren’t into personal hygiene, or living under a roof buddy!”  So I give this particular homeless guy credit for being creative.

Well, his creativity paid off in spades.  Ted Williams is his real name, and his sign urged a kind citizen to help out and test his Voice talent for some cash.  Sure enough, Ted has one of the best sounding radio voices of all-time.  You’d never know considering his current appearance makes him look like a cracked out junkie.  When you see someone like Ted you automatically think that they’re dumb, crazy, or a r*pist.  You expect someone like Ted to open their mouth only to reveal that he has more fingers than teeth.  But the old adage of don’t judge a book by its cover has never been more true in the case of this particular homeless guy.

His voice is an instrument that should be making him tons of loot.  Unfortunately, as Ted explains to the good Samaritan, he planned on a career in voice work and radio until he tangoed with booze and drugs.  Kids, if you need a reason to not become a drunken, strung out POS, just watch this video.  You’ll see a man who had a promising future, but he chose to throw it all away for a high.

Don’t feel too bad for Ted though.  After this video hit YouTube, it immediately went viral.  As of today it has over 5.4 million hits with plenty of copycat videos also receiving love from the Internet.  The man who uploaded the film has received hundreds of messages from fans of Ted offering him work and a chance to turn his life around.  In fact, Ted was asked to be a guest on the WNCI morning show today in Columbus all because of his YouTube performance.  The man who took the video also updated it with some information that Ted has been offered a job with the radio station already.  He also states that Ted has so many opportunites now that he’ll never have to ask for money again.

Pretty freaking awesome story huh?  Who ever said YouTUbe was only good for stealing copyrighted material and Fail videos!  Sometimes it pays to be a good human to your fellow man.  Check out this radio maestro below, and for those of you that live in the C-Bus stay tuned to a radio station near you for Ted’s next performance.  If he’s still on the street I may run down there and get him to record some drops!  You’ve been wishing to be a homeless person for the first time in your life…


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